Soccer - Environmentally Friendly Sport

Lately we've seen a real resurgence in kids returning to playing outside. It's great! They're turning off the technology and unplugging from all those power hungry resources and returning to the outdoors to have fun and kick around a soccer ball, just like I did as a kid! The best part is all the good it does for them and the environment. As they run around, kicking about the ball while pretending to be the players they idolize from their video games and televisions sets. Their bodies getting a huge dose of endorphins and a whole bunch of other wonderful chemical reactions happen inside them, making them both happier and healthier. On top of that we're seeing parks and fields being restored, as people once again realize the beauty of the outdoors and all the good it does us.

One of the biggest trends happening in recent times is companies taking a new environmental approach to the way they run their business. Amazingly some of the companies that have made billions of dollars selling soccer merchandise are at the forefront of this new wave, trying to restore nature and live in unison with the earth. How wonderful it is to think that these billion dollar companies, and the people running them, are setting a fantastic eco friendly example for our children and future generations, of how we need to play sport without destroying the planet.

Perhaps the most powerful story behind soccer being at the forefront of magnificent change comes from the company Uncharted Play. These people set out to change the lives of millions of kids in poorer countries, places such as the Middle East, remote parts of Africa and villages in South America. They do it by making soccer balls that make electricity as they're kicked around. So the children head out to have some fun in the yard and while playing a friendly little game of kick the ball, the power bank inside gets charged. Then when the kids are done having fun that charge can be used for even the simplest of things that we take for granted, such as powering a light, a stove and so on.

Another big motion I've noticed lately is how many people are moving away from those throwaway plastic sports bottles, to a more sustainable, eco friendly drinking alternative. The amount of natural resources wasted on throw away consumerism baffles me. So a big shout out to all the soccer parents out there teaching their kids that there are healthier alternatives, such as metal drinking containers sourced from eco friendly companies that want to work with sport to help shape a brighter future for us all.

Even extremely high profile sporting superstars are in to help make a shift in how we think about the environment. From setting up foundations to save wildlife or attending fundraisers for the Pandas, these sporting legends are proving soccer is once again at the forefront of a better tomorrow. As for not wasting natural resources, soccer is at the top of the list, behind something like Volleyball, in how little needs to be made for each player to wear and participate. Other sports like hockey or NFL have a slew of protection items, training aids and maintenance upkeep. All these things add up to a pretty large environmental carbon footprint.

So as far as remaining healthy, playing a friendly little competition and hopefully having some fun along the way, soccer definitely is right up there as one of the leading eco friendly sports.

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